It is important for us to understand the business environment and challenges that our clients face.

Truly valuable legal advice is predicated upon more than just superficial knowledge of the client’s immediate legal problems.

Our ambition is to be part of the client’s “team” and therefore we “invest” the necessary resources and time in understanding the client’s business.

Good legal advice is the result of a collaborative effort.

Dan Shefet, Individual Specialist to UNESCO,
Adviser to the Council of Europe on the Internet Ombudsman

Cabinet Shefet was created in 1989 by Dan Shefet, French lawyer born in Denmark. From the outset, the firm has focused on international law including European law. The main areas of activity cover Intellectual Property Law, IT Law and Competition Law.

Dan Shefet is also founder of AAID, an Association (formed under the French law of 1901) the objective of which is to introduce a general principle of accountability on the internet in order to secure the protection of human integrity.

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Intellectual Property Law is an area of growing importance and the borderline between protected works and unprotected is increasingly blurred, especially on the internet.

We deal with these matters on a regular basis acting for rights holders (the music and entertainment industry, writers, journalists, artists and the software industry). Practical solutions are often found.

Sometimes take-down decisions are required.


European Competition Law is becoming increasingly important to everyday business.
It covers different abuses of companies in a dominant position and other forms of restrictions of competition (barriers to entry, cartels, refusal to deliver and predatory pricing just to mention a few examples).

Remedy must often be sought with help from the European Commission (ultimately the European Court of Justice). Local competition authorities may also provide a solution.

Competition Law is fundamental to the European Union and the principles developed by competition law are reflected in other areas of European Law including SME-law and free flow of goods.

Our team has extensive experience in these matters and shall be glad to help you secure optimal Competition Law Protection.


European Law (Directives, Regulations and case law) are of growing importance not only to the business environment in the EU, but also to private affairs.

We follow European developments closely and advice our clients not only on the application of current law, but also of new initiatives taken by the different European institutions likely to affect our clients’ activities.

It is critical to follow these developments closely and constantly keep abreast of new restrictions or opportunities offered by the dynamic environment of European Law.

Our services include interfacing with the Commission and trying cases before the European Court of Justice on cases involving member state violations as well as infringements by corporate entities under competition law, consumer law, state and SME-subsidization and e-commerce law just to mention areas of typical concern to the business community.


Why should personal integrity deserve less protection than personal creativity?

Indeed, our firm has adopted a very clear stance on the need to protect personal integrity on the internet (based on the Right to be Forgotten judgment of the European Court of Justice of May 13th 2014) and a judgment we obtained against Google on September 16th 2014.

We have taken the initiative to form the Association AAID (Association for Accountability and Internet Democracy: www.eaaid.eu ).

Our firm has extensive experience in defending personal integrity on the internet and other media against defamation, denigration, harassment, consumer manipulation and even interference with democratic processes over the Internet.


IT law is becoming increasingly important and challenging.

It includes European Law, Public International Law, Private International Law and country laws.

We are the forefront of these developments and constantly follow new legislation throughout European Member states in order to keep abreast of the most important developments in those countries as well as the US.

We participate in international conferences (often as speakers) on matters covering Cyber Law, Cyber Security, IT business law, consumer law and personal privacy. We work with international organizations and have attained the status of Individual Specialist to UNESCO.


We prefer to work on the basis of an agreed budget.
Time sheets are not, in our view, the optimal basis for interesting and creative legal work. We much prefer to switch off the clock and concentrate on the work.

We often have clients who ask us to coordinate legal work in different jurisdictions and on legal matters which we do not cover in-house. Such assignments typically involve sub-contracting and consolidation of advice.

Given that our general philosophy is to keep overhead down and establish long term personal contacts with specialists in different legal fields, we provide such coordinated legal services within competitive and reasonable limits thereby providing the client with a sole contact point for his various legal needs.

If you find it attractive to work with a law firm that takes an interest in your business, maintains a focus on your needs, is well integrated in the local network and culture in different countries and likes to crack a joke once in a while we may just be right for each other.



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